About Us

Nala was our first dog and what a joy she is. She joined us in January 2017, aged 15 weeks old. Nala an amazing pet and a valued member of the family. However, our journey was not an easy path, as Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas have a long puppy phase (upto 2 years), and we found Nala’s high energy when she was young challenging; requiring us to have lots of patients and understanding.

The breed is suited to active households. As ‘working dogs’, they thrive in an environment where they are actively engaged, and training with an HPR specialist / club is advised.

I am a bee keeper and spend much of my time in the countryside, giving me plenty of opportunity to train with Nala. She is an excellent companion and has risen to every challenge I have presented her with. Nala is an exceptionally intuitive dog, has proven to be a very fast learner and extremely responsive to training.

About Nala                 

Nala’s Kennel Club name: Zoldmali Zeller At Ohana

There is something very special about Nala. She has great positive energy and exudes enthusiasm; with such a bubbly and kind disposition, a genuinely good-natured, loving dog full of character.

At home Nala is very gentle and relaxed; but makes a fabulous fuss of my wife when she gets home, just the tonic after a hard day at work. She is such an entertaining dog and a joy to have around the home and family.

In the field Nala has great natural hunting ability. She thrives on the challenges presented to her in training and excels when competing in Gundog Working Tests.

Nala’s Pedigree

Nala has a great pedigree. Her father (Sire), Extreme (Zoldmali Extreme), lives up to his name and he is a highly achieved Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. A true testimony to his breeder Zsofia Meczek, Zoldmali Kennel. He is from the finest blood lines, being bred from French Domaine Saint Hubert and Hungarian Zoldmali lines. His accomplishments are many and include Hungarian Grand Champion, Hungarian Champion, Champion of Champions 2016, and Best Hunting Dog II, just to name a few.

Nala’s mother (Dam), Rose (Rajen z Meckovské skály) is also highly accomplished. She was European Winner (Champion of Europe according to FCI) and International Field Trial Champion (CACiT).

With such great achievements from Extreme and Rose, it is wonderful to see Nala is cut from the same cloth as her parents.

HPR Gundog Working Tests

Nala and I only started competing in Gundog Working Tests in April 2018 and we won 1st Place Award in a Novice Gundog Working Test, September 2018. Nala was the youngest HPR dog in England to win out of Novice group that year. A fabulous achievement.

When we competed in England, in Open (much harder discipline) Gundog Working Tests in 2019 we were Awarded 4th and 3rd place. That year Nala got the highest Award to be achieved by a HWV in an OPEN GWT and was the youngest HWV to win an Award in OPEN GWT.

HPR Gundog Working Tests involve Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) dogs competing against each other in a range dummy retrieves (in fields, woodlands and in water) and simulated hunting. They are good fun and a nice excuse to spend a day in the country.

Championship Show

Nala won 1st Place for special Working Bitch at the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Championship Show, March 2019. A wonderful event attended by fabulous people. Unfortuantely, Nala and I only got around to attending the one Championship Show, with Covid 19 and all, I cannot complain. Fingers crossed, things normalise soon with the vaccine in 2021 and ringcraft / Shows can resume 🙂

Judge’s Critique:

“1st Blackman’s Zoldmali Zeller. My notes say what a cracking coat! I was taken with this bitches balance and length. Correct, and I loved it, head and eye. Prominent pro sternum…Her rear angles are excellent. Good feet, straight front. Moved well and although it was obvious her and her handler would benefit from more practice, but they showed me enough to win the class. Considered for the Res CC.”

Judge: Diane Parry, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Championship Show, 24th March 2019

You Are What You Eat

Nala mainly eats a raw food diet ; which may account for her fabulous coat, quick thinking and great health. Nala’s puppies are fed a raw diet, to given them a great start to life…

An example of an average meal we feed Nala